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Guests and the holiday season go together. And sometimes, guests show up on short notice. It's part of the fun and excitement of the season. 在这个视频中, 莫莉女仆 of Greater Little Rock Executive Vice President Michael Silva-Nash appears on KTH-TV-Little Rock to share ideas for how to quickly get your home ready when family members, friends or neighbors drop by on short notice. You hang up the phone and it sinks in that Aunt Kathy and Uncle David are in town and on the way over to see you – but the house is a mess! 现在? Family gathered around the table for a Thanksgiving dinner
  • 全体人员就位! Mobilize the whole family in the kitchen and hand out cleaning/de-cluttering assignments. Focus first on high-traffic, visible areas.
  • It's the holidays, so have snacks on hand. How amazing would it be to have cookie dough on hand to pop in the oven? Fresh cookies out of the oven and the amazing smell that comes with them are incredibly welcoming.
  • Be sure the family is presentable. Who needs a new shirt? Who has a stain on their pants? Who's still wearing pajamas? No one expects you to be dressed up for a pop-in visit, but a hat and a ponytail holder can do wonders for unwashed hair!
  • Hit "play" and have Christmas music in the background.
  • 差不多做完了. Finally, do a quick walk-through of the house. Do the bathrooms have clean hand towels and toilet paper? Is there any clutter or tripping hazards like kids' toys in the hallways? Coffee table organized? Carry a laundry basket around to quickly collect items, and stash the basket in a closet for later. Lastly, check on those cookies, before the doorbell rings!

Don't have time to clean before the big party? 联系 your local 莫莉女仆 about a one-time cleaning.

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